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Espen Garner
Gianna Valencia
Ian Kim

2020 i.Invest First Place Winner - Cognality

"We loved being able to participate in this year’s i.Invest competition. The true prize was the feedback we received from the judges, which allowed us to grow as a company."

Karthik Ramu 
Kushi Sethuram

2020 i.Invest Second Place Winner - AmityConnections

"The i.Invest Business Competition was an amazing journey that helped us to learn, grow, and develop as young entrepreneurs and make an impact on the world through our health technology startup. Oftentimes, as high schoolers, the entrepreneurial journey seems tough and even impossible at times. But, the i.Invest Competiton fueled our passions by providing us with invaluable connections, experiences, and opportunities."

Sahitya Senapathy

2019 i.Invest First Place Winner - Studiously

"i.Invest is a uniquely nurturing and enriching opportunity for young entrepreneurs, aspiring innovators, and budding disruptors. Truly exceptional is the essential level of advice, mentorship, and rigor experienced through i.Invest—a long-term experience incomparable to any other youth innovation competition today."

Mahi Kolla 
2019 i.Invest Second Place Winner - Bikeware

"Participating in the i.Invest National Youth Business Competition has been a pivotal experience for my business. When I first applied, my company didn't have much of a growth strategy and there were still quite a few unanswered questions. Throughout the 6 month process, I was able to develop the business model, learn from industry professionals, and answer many of those questions. I loved listening to all our speakers during the mentor session and meeting our incredible judges!"

Richa_PulseWearables add to judges list.
Richa Krishna

2018 i.Invest First Place Winner - Pulse Wearables

"The i.Invest competition was a wonderful experience. We loved the mentorship we received from several business leaders both through one-on-one and group sessions."

Marc Baghadjian & Winnie McCabe
2018 i.Invest Second Place Winner - Skippit

"We are so thankful to have been able to participate in i.Invest and learn from such great mentors."

PrepUP Shirt   Blazer.jpg
Akhilesh Khakhar

2017 i.Invest Youth Business of the Year - PrepUP 

“The i.Invest competition was an amazing learning experience. What really makes it different is that, over the course of six months, the companies progress and iterate while being guided by mentors. i.Invest provides the mentorship and feedback young start-ups need when they are initially pivoting and choosing a track to follow.”

Jason Kao
2017 i.Invest Second Place Winner - Face the Facts

"i.Invest allowed us to pursue our desire to mix our passion for entrepreneurship and statistics to create a company dedicated to spreading social good. With mentors who were always prepared to aid us at any step in the process, we found that creating a company was not as daunting or complicated as we had expected. We’re extraordinarily thankful, as this would not have been possible on our own."

jain_headshot (1).jpg
Shrenik Jain
2016 i.Invest Youth Business of the Year - Beacon Health

"The i.Invest competition was an invaluable experience for our team. The mentorship we received from experts all across the country gave us insights we would have never come up with during a critical phase of our business." 

Rahul Yerrabelli
2016 i.Invest Second Place Winner - MoTrack Therapy

"i.Invest was a very worthwhile experience that taught us so much about entrepreneurship. It really showed us that it doesn't matter what your age is, you can be an entrepreneur regardless."

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